Choir Notes From Friday’s Rehearsal


The wonderful thing about music is it grows and changes and the wonderful thing about a live project is that has time and space to develop, so everyone involved grows and changes. This is just what is happening during the Deep Roots Tall Trees rehearsals at the moment. New songs are being written, old songs are being refined or reworked, new voices are joining and there are exciting  developments taking shape!

At present the choir meets at the Core every Friday night at 7.00pm where they stretch, breathe, hold, count, learn new parts, work towards a strong, unified sound, sing out, smile, laugh, grow in confidence whilst concentrating on the meticulous  instructions from choral director Gareth Fuller.

Here is a snippet of conversation captured after a recent rehearsal that gives a flavour of the project:-

“Never thought I’d be singing the line “Luton, Bedford, Wellingborough, Kettering and Corby” on a Friday night as part of a great choir ( Deep Roots Tall Trees) where that phrase could end up sounding really cool! Thanks to Barb Jungr, choir maestro Gareth Fuller and the Head of Snakes band; the new and reworked/in progress songs are sounding great… can’t wait until we’re further along the line (sorry couldn’t resist that).” Grey Gibson

“I’m sitting singing it in my head too even though I’m in the Ahhhhing Alto section! – Fab rehearsal last night!” Carole Miles

“Its catching!” Ian Cameron

“It came so fast and so clear – like a bolt, and then Mark and George had this weird folk/balkan guitar part – I think we are cooking!” Barb Jungr


We loved the triumphant “Yes!” from Gareth as the choir pulled out of the station and rattled towards Corby – Full Steam Ahead!

A new journey is definitely beginning . We found this Tweet from the RPO Twitter feed.

Up in Corby to plan our exciting project “Deep Roots Tall Trees” hopefully starting next month!

Exciting just doesn’t express it strongly enough as the whole Deep Roots Tall Trees team are in for an incredible weekend March 28th – 30th.  Barb Jungr is taking the project to a whole new level. Work will be starting work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at The Arc Theatre, Rockingham Road Primary School – watch this space for further updates!


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